Quake 2 Demos


Q. Why do we have to use this site? Why can't we just use Demosquad?
A. We don't want to add clutter to DS and it's easier for both players and admins.

Q. How do I upload my demos?
A. After your match is played and reported to quake2edl@gmail.com an admin will update the q2scene page for the match and import the data to this site. You'll then receive an email with a URL, go there and upload.

Q. I uploaded the wrong demos or messed something else up. What do I do?
A. Contact an admin on IRC or email (quake2edl@gmail.com), they'll help you sort it out.

Q. I have multiple demos for a particular map because of an overflow/disconnect/natural disaster/reboot/whatever, how do I upload all the parts?
A. Please put all the demos related to that map in a zip file and upload the zip as if it were a single demo.

More coming soon...

Demo Player Options

  1. demoplayer64.cmd

    Save this script to your computer (perhaps in your Q2 folder) and edit the first line to the path of your Q2 folder. Then set it as the default program for .dm2 files: right-click on a demo, select 'open with', select 'Choose default program...', browse for the script and make sure the 'Always use [...]' checkbox is checked.

    Recommended for Windows 7 but works for any version of windows.

  2. Demoplay v2.4

    Freeware, only works on 32bit Windows XP and below.

  3. Seismovision

    Lite version is free but eventually annoys you about purchasing it.